Do you need to purchase special computers or phones to have the software work?

No special computers or software is needed. The website is available from any Apple or Windows computer using a current browser. We also have mobile applications that support Android phones and tablets as well iPhones and iPads.

What is this going to cost me?

Our price is set per inspection completed. There is no user fee, extra subcontractor fee, data transfer fee, or any of the extra fees charged by other software companies.

How many users can I have active at one time?

You are allowed unlimited users — at no extra cost per user.

What can I do with the data after it is entered?

You can search, view, and compare your inspections so that you can track the property month by month and know exactly what information you put in and when. It also will let you make sure that you are paid by your client and track how much.

Why are you so much cheaper than your competition?

We are cheaper due to our automated software. We do not send your inspections to another country to be processed. All data stays here and is completed by automation. This allows us to have lower overhead, fewer data entry mistakes, and no human error. We are the best value on the market.

Tell me about billing.

We send you a bill once a month, at the beginning of the month, for all inspections that have been completed by our system during the previous month. You will only be charged for the inspections that have been completed and not any canceled inspections. Payment is made or scheduled right through the website.

Is our data backed up in case of emergencies?

Your data is backed up so that you will not lose any of your history.

Is your site secure and confidential?

Our site is secure and confidential, and periodically checked by a third party – Trustwave.

What is your software’s turnaround time for sending inspections back to my client?

We guarantee that we will have your inspection back to your clients within 24 hours, most of them within 12 hours.

Are your forms the same questions that my clients ask or are they a universal form?

Our inspection form asks the same questions that your clients ask. It changes based on who your client is and the type of inspection; it is not a universal form. You can have confidence that the questions your client asks will also be asked on our site.

I want my inspectors to complete inspections sooner than the due date to ensure they get done on time. Can I change the due date?

Our system is very flexible. We can customize due dates, instructions and forms. You have complete control over all of your inspections and can make changes yourself; you can reassign, change prices, add instructions, and much more.

What companies does your software support with automated data entry?

Our system currently supports ServiceLink, National Field Reps, Spectrum, MCS, Five Brothers, Summit, Altisource, M&M, MSI, Cyprexx, Brookstone, Guardian, Reliance, Wolverine, and others. We are adding new Nationals as often as there is a need. We look forward to working with you to help your business grow.