My husband and I are a small home-based business and thanks to Scott Nerdin with his InspectorADE Program we have grown so much in the last year. It has enabled us to hire more sub contractors and run more work through our company than ever before. It’s so easy and FAST! No more sitting at the computer for hours and days on end; with InspectorADE you do the work on your laptop while out in the field. When you get back to your home or office, just add pictures, label them and you are done! It’s just that simple. Now we can go on vacation ‐ all we need is internet and a laptop and we run our business without any problems. Anyone who has a business doing field work should have InspectorADE. It’s the best and at the best price around! The best part is it’s all done here in America! What else could you want? WE LOVE IT! InspectorADE is awesome. Give Scott Nerdin a call today and make your life easier. Spend more time doing what you want to do! Break free from working in front of the computer for hours and days on end. You will love InspectorADE! WE DO! Thanks, Scott!

-Lenna and Wyatt Weinstein, LWB Inspection

One of the things our inspector LOVES is the new format. He loves that it’s like the online version. Let me tell you, Scott, I thank you every day in my mind for coming up with InspectorADE! It has made our lives ‐ and the lives of our inspectors ‐ so much easier. We would not be where we are today without InspectorADE. The price is fair and the programs are easy… I’m all for everyone using your product. Thanks again!

-Kendra Hooper, CK Field Services